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Bright Stock Base Oil 1:200 Content: 1 L

Item number: 26001
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Bright Stock Base Oil 1:200 Content: 1 L

Fully synthetic special lubricant to be used for valve shafts of sidevalve/flathead engines. 

Scope of application
In simple or older four-stroke engines, the valves are arranged sidelong upward (SV engines / flathead). The valves are not located in the cylinder head and are not connected to the lubricating system of the motor. For this reason, another kind of lubrication is necessary. 

To be used in engines with air valve and inlet over exhaust engines where frequently one or several valves are not lubricated. 

The fully synthetic basic components guarantee a complete combustion without leaving any deposits or coking in the combustion chamber. 

The Bright Stock Base oil, that reaches the shaft only in very small quantities, must be of outstanding lubricating properties.
On the other hand, it should - once arrived in the combustion chamber - completely burn off, without leaving deposits or coking. And it must generate enough oil mist to ensure the lubrication of the exhaust valve. 

The latter feature has the pleasant side effect that exhaust systems of four-stroke engines, which are regularly operated with Bright Stock Base oil, are far more durable than comparable vehicles that have to do without this fuel additive.

When adding Bright Stock Base Oil to the fuel, not only the valves are lubricated, but also pistons, cylinder bores and injection nozzles of all four-stroke engines. 

The wear on pistons, cylinder liners, valves and injectors is significantly reduced. And even rough and hard-running engines often find their way back to the soft sound of the new car.

Application & Dosing
Petrol and diesel engines    1:200
Add before refuelling.

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Rating by Michel Rühl |

Super schnelle Bearbeitung und schneller Versand.
Ware machte einen sehr hochwertigen Eindruck.
War für meinen vorgesehenen zweck, welchen ich vorher nicht abgestimmt habe, leider nicht kompatibel.
Aber super kulant bei der Rücknahme. Also service Top,
würde hier wieder kaufen.

Rating by Sixten B. |

AllAlles super gelaufen. Schnelle Antwort per Mail.
Super freundliche Beratung am Telefon. Kann man nur empfehlen. Schneller Versand und 1A Ware runden den Kauf ab. WEITER SO!

Rating by Kurt M. |

Wurde sehr höflich und kompetent beraten. Konnte mich nicht entscheiden welchen Schalldämpfer ich für meine Monster 1200 R Baujahr 2018 nehmen sollte. Ich habe mich dann für die Gunshot-Version entschieden. Die Damen am Telefon hatten sehr viel Geduld mit mir. Vielen Dank dafür!