EVR Slipper clutch CTS02 "wet"

Item number: ZU-E233_V4
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EVR S.r.l.
  • Panigale V4 (2018-)
EVR Slipper clutch CTS02 "wet" Ducati Panigale V4

As of now, the proven EVR CTS02 is also available for the Ducati models with wet clutch. The clutch is supplied without a basket and without plates, these components are reused from the original clutch.

Knowing the weaknesses of the currently existing products on the market constitutes Edo Vigna Racing (EVR) with its patented new development not on the traditional function, in which the entire inner basket is moved at the moment of onset of motor brake against the clutch pressure plate, which can lead to fracture of the stud can. In the EVR CTS 02 (Control Torque System ), only the pressure plate rises at the onset of the motor brake (the inner basket remains rigid). Regarding the choice of springs for the pressure plate, Edo Vigna consciously focuses on the classic and proven principle with single springs, the pressure on the plate can be uniformly strongly distributed (deliberately chosen not central spring as the Evoluzione models of STM, which were originally developed by Edo Vigna).

All EVR products were developed by Edo Vigna personally. Edo Vigna was a long time Ducati factory engineer in the Superbike World Championship (including world champion title with Troy Corser 1996) and is the inventor of the slipper clutch for Ducati motorcycles. In addition, he developed the STM Slipper Clutches (note the EVR logo).
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